Our team has more than 35 years experience in the jewelry industry. Our highly educated team has dual degrees that consists of gemology, design, and art. We can offer you an extensive experience in the jewelry business to ensure that your custom designs are seamless. The owner, Irina has a special certification from the National Jewelers of America Organization. Being certified from this organization means that it is the highest achievement you can get as a jeweler and gives you national recognition.

Jewelry is not a job, it is our passion and we want to you to feel like home, when coming to our store. Custom jewelry can be affordable yet beautiful. Bella Fine Jewelry has access to gems, stones, gold, silver, platinum all over the world. Bella Fine Jewelry works with you to design beautiful, high-end, unique jewelry. We would like to make an appointment with you to start the creative process in designing your unique personal creation. Your satisfaction with the final results is our number one priority. Every committed relationship and the love it stems from is special.

Let us help you choose by designing different or classic combination of diamonds, gemstone, settings and bond styles making your choice a truly an individual experience. Some will find that the standard white diamond center stone — possibly flanked by side stones and set in gold or platinum — just isn’t for them, but will still find the non-traditional ring they seek in a jeweler’s display case.
However, if you have a singular vision of how your ring should appear and can’t find it anywhere, you might consider a custom design. Every engagement ring has a story, but if you also want yours to be a story starter decades after you say “I do,” then a custom engagement ring may be for you.

Creating a custom-designed rings and other pieces has great benefits:

  • Your ring will feel inspired and creative, a pure reflection of your individual personality.
  • It will reflect your interests and values.
  • No one else will have a ring quite like yours.
  • A truly unique design will garner attention, and will be a conversation starter for years to come.
  • By creating matching rings, you can also create a symbol of who you are as a couple.