Emerald is a precious stone which is a clear variety of the mineral Beryl. The ancient cultures prized it as the gemstone symbolizing love and rebirth. Emerald could give mental power and wisdom and make the wearer a very persuasive and charismatic speaker. Protects the expecting mothers from harm. Encourages spiritual growth,clear vision,mamory,intelligence,inspiration and joy.



Referred to as the world's most magical and beautiful gem. Natural pearls are grown by oysters who live beneath the sea. Freshwater Cultured Pearls are cultivated using freshwater mussels .



Rubies are made from the mineral Corundum.These stones are used to ward off sickness and to make one invulnerable to defeat. Symbolize beauty,charity, daintiness,dignity ,happiness, love and passion. Preserve the wearer from false friendship and ward off imminent danger.