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Bella Fine Jewelry will make sure you have the perfect piece of custom jewelry. Visit our jewelry store to meet our jewelry designer in Guilderland, NY. Our seasoned jeweler will:

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  • Help you select your gemstones and setting
  • Provide you with a timeframe based on intricacy of design

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Gift Ideas

Shtof and 6 stacks

Idea: The principal idea is quality of work and realism. Each stack is based on a real life animal, and is unique in comparison to its companions. The large decanter (shtof) is decorated with different wild nature symbols.

Materials used: silver, gilding, glass, enamel.

Creation: Individual wishes, i.e. owner's monogram and favorite images are most important in this type of work. The final composition comes to life only after multiple pencil sketches immortalizing individual ideas.

This particular set includes one decanter and six stacks, but any combination is possible. Customers can choose to have several decanters, or stacks only, or any other combination as desired. Size and shape are to be discussed with each client individually. Components are created by the artist based on individual requests and are limited mostly to the client's imagination, and somewhat to the physical properties of materials used in the making process.


Luxury decorated table clock in the form of a Joker sculpture showing time on a dial-pedestal.

Idea: The main idea is reflected in the "play with time" phrase. The figure of the Joker stands on a round pedestal, which is also a dial. The dial's time digits are designed in the form of playing cards. There is also a secret-a section with real decks of playing cards inside the pedestal.

Materials used: silver, gilding, enamel, corundum.

Creation: The Joker points to the cards located in a circle of the rotating disc with the dial digits, at the same time pointing to the hidden secret with the cards (54 cards).