Custom made pin with initials. Gold, diamonds, enamel.
Custom made necklace. Sterling silver gold plated, pearls, pink tourmaline, sapphire, aquamarine
Custom made necklace. Gold, amethyst
Custom made ring with initials. Gold, black enamel, sapphire, emerald, diamonds
Custom made clock "Jocker". Gold plated Sterling silver, ruby

Pendant. Bone, sterling silver

Custom made glasses and whiskey decanter with initials. Gold plated sterling silver
Earring. White gold, enamel, diamonds, sapphires, pink sapphires
Flower. Gold, tourmaline, white quartz
Ring. Gold, peridots, diamonds, rubies
Flower. Gold, enamel, sapphires, quartz
Earring. Gold, pearls, amethysts
Earring. Gold, enamel, citrines, diamonds, pink sapphires, quartz
Ring. Gold, enamel, rubies, citrines
Earring. Gold, enamel, diamonds, blue topaz
Earring. Gold, enamel, peridots, diamonds
Pin. Gold, diamonds, jade, white quartz
Ring. Gold, emeralds, rubies, opal
Earring. Gold, emeralds, diamonds
Ring. Gold, citrine
Necklace. Gold, amethysts
Ring. Gold, sapphire, diamonds
Bracelets. Stingray, sterling silver gold plated, lapis
Ring with initials. Gold, enamel, emerald, sapphires, diamonds
Ring. Gold, blue topaz, diamonds
Ring. Gold, rutile quartz, garnets
Ring. Gold, Peridots, citrine
Ring. Gold, diamonds, sapphires

Ring. Gold, enamel, diamonds, sapphires, opal

Ring. Gold, diamonds, sapphires
Earring. Gold, diamonds, pearls
Pendant. Sterling silver, mother of pearl, rubies, peridots, blue topaz